Lily Allen feared her nipples leaked breast milk in front of Drake

Lily Allen was worried her leaky nipples ruined her chance to make a big impression on Drake.

The Fear singer, 33, met the Canadian rapper backstage at his gig in Birmingham, England in 2014, when she was still breastfeeding her second daughter Marnie, born the previous year.

In a chat with BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw, Lily revealed that he and some other pals had taken her to the gig – but that her meeting with the hip-hop star was an awkward one.

“I got ushered into this dressing room, sat on the sofa, and Drake came in and sat down next to me,” she said. “He asked what I was up to, I just said, ‘I’ve just had a baby, and I’m thinking about getting back into the studio.’ He said, ‘That’s great, keep writing, I love your stuff.’”

The moment turned weird when she refused his offer of a chicken wing, later realising that breast milk may have been leaking through her outfit while they chatted.

She told Nick: “He just looked at me like, ‘Huh?’ I think my nipples might even have been leaking.”

The star also confessed that she had embarrassed herself in front of Drake on two more occasions, although she didn’t open up about the details.

Lily’s autobiography My Thoughts Exactly is out on Thursday (20Sep18), and several juicy stories have already appeared in the press.

In the book, she claims she romped with former Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher in an aeroplane toilet, and that she had to be escorted home by Chris Martin after she passed out during a flirty night of partying with Orlando Bloom.

The memoir also deals with more serious subjects, such as Lily’s experiences of sexual assault in the music industry and her mental health battles.

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