Robbie Williams calls off plans to challenge Liam Gallagher to a boxing match as wife called it ’embarrassing’

Robbie Williams has called off his plans to challenge Liam Gallagher to a boxing match, after his wife Ayda Field called the idea “embarrassing”.

The ‘Let Me Entertain You’ hitmaker laid down the gauntlet two decades ago at the BRIT Awards with a £10,000 bet on the table, and last month once again suggested the two rivals go head to head in a “professional” boxing match.
But he’s now scrapped plans to take on the former Oasis rocker, after his wife Ayda said she doesn’t “understand” why he’d want to risk injury.

Speaking on their new podcast, ‘At Home With The Williamses’, Ayda told Robbie: “I think it is embarrassing. You are 45, man. You’re going to go in a ring and smack each other? It’s just lame.

“First of all, neither one of you are at your top, peak form. You are not in your twenties, I hate to break it to you. You are both peppered at this point. Your back’s going to go out, your knees are going to buckle. I am going to have to bring you back from the dead after this. I don’t understand it.

“I am going to knock the hate out, so you feel no need, to the point where you might even send Liam Gallagher a Christmas card. We’re going to melt the ice off that snowman.”

Robbie, 45, eventually agreed with his wife, and said he would instead try to bring some “joy” to the ‘Shockwave’ singer, especially with Christmas (25.12.19) right around the corner.

He said: “This is the festive season of giving and joy to all men, even Liam Gallagher. Thank God we have steered this tanker around to where we should be.”

The former Take That star reignited his plans to fight Liam, 47, after hearing about the professional boxing match between YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul.

He explained: “I’d love it. But I’d want it to be a professional fight. I’ve just seen how much KSI and Logan Paul made from their fight and I think we could trounce that.

“But, yeah, I think last time in the noughties Liam wanted to go down to an abandoned railway track or something.
“I don’t want to do that. It’s got to be f***ing whistles and bells if it happens … Liam and I would be a wonderful thing.”

And Robbie – whose fierce rivalry with Liam dates back to the 90s – reckoned he’d be able to “knock out” Liam just three rounds in.

He said: “I’m in good nick. I’ve been boxing and sparring. So let’s just say I’d be more than happy to get in the ring with him. More than happy. Let’s be having you. And obviously I’d win. Not on points, no.

“He’d go down in the third round I reckon. And we’d have to get a proper licence as we don’t want to be wearing any head protection. Knock out. Third round. Nighty night. Yep.”

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